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Lack of Affordable Fair Dinkum Lawyers

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”
William Shakespeare (aka Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford), Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene ii

If the relevant government departments can’t do a proper investigation to fix what’s been done, especially to an innocent little girl, if you can’t force the NSW Law Fraternity to provide Affordable Fair Dinkum Lawyers – real “No Win No Fee” service, no more “Free First Consultation” yellow pages false advertising or useless Legal Aid, then the Aussie Battler needs a lot of help on how to do SRL – Self Representing Litigant. And/or maybe something like that Judge Judy American show.

Because the sorry shame of it is, “NSW Lawyers Suck!” There’s no being polite about it the, evidence is there. Go straight to an investigative report on CMC Lawyers a while back, we tried to expose them and they brought out all their henchmen to sue victim, even got our webpage delisted from Google in the Federal Election. What kind of country have we got here when they can get away with this. Even if we could afford $1000 a minute, what lawyer is going to sue another lawyer.

For now more details can be found at www.geocities.com/kxol/free_speech/lawyers.htm

It was that bad experience back in ’06 that leaves us feeling utter hopelessness, as we grapple with the devastation of my siblings pushing our father to his death in ’08, if not murder than, at least suit for wrongful death, and defamation against me for having me so easily declared mentally unsound to gain control of the family estate. Forcing his little 6 year old granddaughter out on the streets, only to be treated by Centrelink as delinquents. And they got away with it. Because we can’t get help. We have no fair dinkum justice system.

So we are forced to try to figure out SRLing. In particularly we urgently need to know how to challenge a Will under the Family Provisions Act to get emergency living funds.

Anyway, we’ll just give this one last shot, then start setting up for Election ’09 and use every trick learnt from the Obama Internet campaign – Blogging, Tweetering…


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